A project log for Stage, a Tile and Sprite Engine

A library for MicroPython for drawing tiles and sprites on a RGB SPI screen.

deʃhipudeʃhipu 08/30/2021 at 19:340 Comments

Today I finally sat down and got Stage running on the Meowbit. I had this very neat little console in my drawer for years now, and CircuitPython has been ported to the STM32 chip that it uses, but there was a bug preventing me from re-initializing the display to the settings that Stage expects. A few days ago I got reminded about Meowbit, and realized that I don't have to re-initialize the display to make it work, I can change the default display settings, since I have to recompile CircuitPython firmware for it anyways to include the parts of Stage written in C.

So here it is:

As an addition, I also modified to Stage library to allow using different sound output than the audioio module it defaults to. The Meowbit, for example, uses audiopwmio, but you could also use audiobusio for a device that uses I2S.

If the pull request is accepted, the support should be available in CircuitPython 7.0 to be released soonish.