Badge for Hackaday Conference 2018 in Belgrade

In the 1980's, you had to know programming to use computers. They were used for... guess what? Computing! Want to see how it looked?

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In May 26th 2018, there will be the next Hackaday Conference in Belgrade. Every visitor with a ticket will have this badge. It is actually a battery powered stand-alone personal computer, similar to ones used in 1980's, but much smaller and more compact.

Here is the first prototype. It has the 55-key keyboard and RGB TFT LCD screen with 320×240 resolution. The processing unit is contained in the microcontroller PIC32MX370F512H, with 512/128 K of internal program/data memory and up to 150 DMIPS execution speed.

The new version is about to be ordered, it will contain an external 2 MByte FLASH and a audio circuit with speaker. The prototype on the image is the first sample (ver.1.0), without FLASH and Audio, but schematics and PCB project are ver.2.0. It will hopefully be the final version, which will be yours when we meet in Belgrade in May.

Firmware will be a masterpiece of Jaromir Sukuba, our member and contributor. Soon we will ask him to tell us more about it.

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Ian Hanschen wrote 9 hours ago point

ink and paper (foreground/background colors) are oddly named - it's not a sheet of paper, it's a screen... Hope that's not a theme. :)

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Mike Harrison wrote 10 hours ago point

Presumably external flash is for file storage, but why no SD card socket for easy file transfer? 

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