Image Compression Challenge

A project log for Badge for Hackaday Conference 2018 in Belgrade

In the 1980's, you had to know programming to use computers. They were used for... guess what? Computing! Want to see how it looked?

Mike SzczysMike Szczys 05/14/2018 at 21:421 Comment

As part of the Hacker Village at Hackaday Belgrade we want you to use your best compression tricks to put these images on the badge. Anyone who has an interesting solution to this problem is invited to get up on stage in the evening and give a lightning talk about how small their solution is and how they did it.


I wanted to include these images as an Easter Egg on the badge (when you type Voja, or Jaromir the image would be displayed). But these 320x240 two-color images are pretty big at 9.6k each as binary arrays and I didn't think we should occupy that much space for this task. I did some preliminary test at run-length encoding but didn't find a great way to make the image information small. Can you do something interesting to take up less space on the badge?

Compress Compress Compress

How small can you go? Start a project to show off your solution and leave the link in the comments below. Anyone who wants to give this a try is welcome to do so, even if you're not at the conference. 


Updated: Originally the image of Voja wasn't binary but this has been corrected.


Arduino Enigma wrote 05/27/2018 at 14:22 point

Did somebody deliver something creative like implementing a FFT compression ala JPG or a simpler RLE?

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