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Replicating the PDP-11/70

OscarvOscarv 11/22/2018 at 22:480 Comments

Well, today was a great day - the day that the 600th PiDP-11 saw the light of day! I'll celebrate this weekend at the Vintage Computer Festival Zürich (, that's a shameless plug...)

But there are hardware developments too. Soon, we'll have the PDP2011, Sytse's FPGA version of the PDP-11, as a plug-in module. So you can choose whether you like a Raspberry Pi simulating inside, or a FPGA hardware version to blink the front panel.

And Jörg is cranking out the first production UniBones - a reasonably mad device that can plug in to a real DEC Unibus. Either to emulate any storage peripheral for a real PDP-11, or to hook up any real PDP-11 hardware onto the simh running inside the PiDP-11. Yes, you will be able to connect an RK-05 to the PiDP-11... who'd have thought that two years ago!

Here, somewhere at the end of the last row, is PiDP-11 #600 waiting for the postman. One more grainy late-night picture: