Back from the Dead after 3 years?

A project log for Bentendo 6004

An Intel 8085-based computer

Bentendo64Bentendo64 03/23/2018 at 14:240 Comments

I haven't worked on this much for the past 3 years. But yes, I am still alive, and I have been making progress recently. The big thing I've been working on is a board that has RS-232, an EPROM programmer, and a memory bank switcher. The memory bank register can be turned off because I have some plans to possibly implement some other complicated memory scheme with segmentation, or some other virtual memory-like function.

But we're back better than ever because now I'm making some PCBs instead of hand-wiring everything!

I do not have much experience routing PCBs, so I'll probably get the initial prototype done cheaply and see how it works. I made a different test circuit and sent it off to China for milling. It could be here anytime from now to May. It is a PCB version of the the hex-readout display you may have seen in previous pictures.

So we will wait and see how it turns out!
Details to come later.