Remote Target #4: Rocket Can

A project log for Ma'Tok Staff

Stargate staff weapon, Sodan version of the Ma'Tok staff

frankstripodfrankstripod 05/10/2014 at 01:270 Comments

Lets get to the videos first, still frames later, details way below. The rocket can is simple, but dangerous. Be careful! We had a fire extinguisher, garden hose and safety glasses ready. Staff triggers hairspray rocket for instant pyrotechnic effects without all the CGI and editing.

This one went up 30 feet! (semi dud edited in second)

The staff worked over 30 feet away in bright daylight!

Daylight video was so fun, we couldn't stop looping it. This rapid fire editing one is for you [kmancreeper412]!

Daytime was fun, but nighttime really shows whats going on with that hairspray. First one slides down the gutter on fire, some other shots, last few frames show staff igniting leftover fuel in launcher.

Still frames speak for themselves.

During flash:

Can flying:

Impressive nighttime staff blast:

Night time emphasizes fuel burn duration:


The launcher is a fruit can and the rocket is a soda can dug right out of a recycling bin.

This is the circuit again with optional spark ignitor:

One screw grounds to the can, the other has a generous amount of electrical tape to leave a 3/4” gap back to the can on the inside. The ignitor sparks about 3 or four times when triggered.

I cut the top off the soda can. It fits really smooth (but not snug) open side down into the fruit can launcher to allow a decent combustion chamber.

I set this up inside a concrete block in case things went wrong.

A one second shot of hairspray provides the fuel. Here again, like the staff experiments, the hairspray leaves a sticky residue that stays on fire for up to one minute. We had many failed attempts to find the right combination of fuel and air. One attempt had too much fuel and would not fire until I opened the can, let some air in, replaced it, and then it fired.