Enclosures, Conductors, and (almost) Completion

A project log for Network Enabled Servo Dead Bolt

Using an Arduino Yun to monitor WiFi for my cellphone and unlock my dead bolt with a servo.

SkuzeeSkuzee 10/22/2015 at 04:540 Comments

Picked up a fancy box from the Lobby of a Brand Name Hobby Store.

Mounted the Arduino with just enough room for cables.

Picked up a breakout box and drilled it for my wires and button. It has PCB stand offs that make great terminal studs.

I'm very happy with how this came out. Sleek and Discreet.

Installed to the door with non-damaging sticky tape. Wired the switches to the terminals. Messy, but Organized!

Please forgive the missing switch cover. I wired in an outlet for this project and forgot to buy one.

Everything is pretty accessible if I've got to make some adjustments. At this time the hardware of this project is 90% complete. The program works enough to open the door via button press and when my phone is detected on the network, but there are still plenty of reliability issues and extra features to work out. Stay tuned for more updates soon.