To summarize the simplest upgrade path ( I was using win 7/64bit,

not that it matters much) :

1) Post #3668 here:'s-internal-i2c-bus/3660/

execute the instructions to get the 'scope binary dump, USB conn. (back panel conn. on scope) works fine. U should run the

'Rigol USB.exe' utility with admin privileges to make the binaryfile: ds2072a.bin

2) DL the rigup 0.4 file from this post.

3) Copy the binary file (ds2072a.bin)

into the folder u extract the rigup.exe and open a DOS window there to execute this cmd:

rigup ds2072a ds2072a.bin

4) Now u have your option keys, note the black screenshot1 attached.

5) Execute the Rigol Ultra Sigma utility....(should be on your

Scope CD or get it from Rigol's new site) :

6) Note the pic (screenshot) with the Ultra Sigma instructions to

update the 'scope via USB (back panel conn. on scope)

When entering your key...leave out the NS8H: and all the dashes in

between the 4 sets of 7 alpha-numerics. You get one

continuous 28 char. entry.

Execute Send and you're done....scope does a quick progress bar

and auto reset.

Enjoy your 300Mhz scope and all options!

As you can see from the screenshot of the scope, I did a FW upgrade right after with no loss of features!

FW upgrade: (follow the instructions in the included PDF below the FW link)

Note post # 2665 here for the improvements: