Putting It All Together

A project log for Lock Box

This box can only be opened after correctly answering the questions that it was programmed with.

nathan-petersonNathan Peterson 10/21/2015 at 07:290 Comments

Soldering 12 boxes was a lot more work than I anticipated. 5 of my friends were helping, and it still took us quite a while. Here is the aftermath of one of our soldering sessions:

Here are the finished 12 boxes (my wife did a great job decorating them with her vinyl cutting machine):

A friend taking inventory and setting them up the night before the wedding:

My wife made these cool question cards:

Here is the centerpiece for one of the tables at the wedding:

The two tall vases are filled with oil and colored water. They essentially turn into DIY lava lamps when you drop alka-seltzer tablets in them, so one of the prizes in the box was alka-seltzer tablets. The other prize was a token to redeem a Hawaiian Lei for one of the dances later, which resulted in us receiving all of the Leis:

Here is the Lock Box Wedding footage:

Here is a demo of the lockbox: