Changed battery connector to a JST-PH

A project log for Short Stack

A small cubiform stackable development platform.

Charles AylwardCharles Aylward 12/12/2015 at 08:190 Comments

Real small update. While everything is functional with the current board, I still need to rev the board due to the poor land pattern I had for the JEDEC MO-203 (aka SOT-353-5 aka SC-88A aka SC-70-5), so I decided to do a little component placement clean up. While I was moving things about, I decided to change the battery connector from a PicoLock to a JST-PH. The PicoLock is nice as it keeps the overall profile very thin, but the availability of LiPoly batteries prefitted with JST-PH connectors (Adafruit!) makes having a JST much more convenient. With its relatively large lands it was rather hard to find a place for it, but after moving some things around, I managed to squeeze it in.

(bottom side shown (from top))