PWM board reflowed.

A project log for Short Stack

A small cubiform stackable development platform.

Charles AylwardCharles Aylward 01/21/2016 at 18:230 Comments

After a bit of a break with the holidays, got back to putting some of the various boards together. Reflowed the simple PWM board and hand-soldered some right angle headers to it. Wrote up a quick servo demo (activated when pressing switch 2), seen below.

I admit to debugging this for _several_ hours (it's always the simplest of boards!). It would work fine and then stop ACK'ing it's I2C address. Eventually I found that I had a dry joint on one of the I2C address-select pulldown resistors that seemed fine under test because the pressure of the continuity probe closed the circuit. I have a big fat note about avoiding this issue from another project and yet I managed to fall victim to it again. Anyhow, servos! LEDs! Backlights! Gate drives!