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A project log for nRF24L01+ network to control lights

Custom Android app to send commands over to nRF24L01+ receivers with 4-channel PWM capability to control LED strips.

Jarno VatanenJarno Vatanen 01/08/2016 at 21:290 Comments

It's been awhile from the previous update. I have been busy doing other things, but this has also advanced a bit.

I now have 6 receiver modules ready, which 2 of are in use, need more cases at the moment. Streamlined the programming and testing of modules. Managed to fry couple of microprocessors in the process. Android app supports the 2 receivers. "Light switch" development has gone forward, ordered some parts for making a portable remote control for the lights.

Next I'll list some features I would like to add next...

Android app:

- Button for adding a new receiver unit, It would ask for the address and you could name it for example "kitchen" + deleting them

- You could browse through different receivers by swiping left and right

- Save lighting "moods" to a button, for example you have a button to set all the lights for movie watching and another for working / making food.

Sketch of the new features


- Add compatibility for 5V digital LED strips.

- Watchdog timer for resetting it from possible lockups.


- Watchdog timer for resetting it from lockups.

Remote control:

- Get it as low power as possible

- Long press a button to save the mood, short press to send it. One button reserved for shutting off lights

I still really haven't figured out / thought of how to manage the communication / data with every part. If you have some ideas for features or comments of the existing ones, be free to say something about them.