Raspberry Pi 3 upgrade

A project log for nRF24L01+ network to control lights

Custom Android app to send commands over to nRF24L01+ receivers with 4-channel PWM capability to control LED strips.

Jarno VatanenJarno Vatanen 07/27/2016 at 18:140 Comments

A quick update on this. I haven't had the time to develop this any further. BUT I just got myself an RPi 3 and have plans on replacing this as the server. At the moment I have got the bluetooth communication to work and I can send messages to my RPi from the phone through BT. Next step in this is to get the nRF24l01+ to work with the RPi. If I can't get it to work easily, I'll probably use an microcontroller as the middle man to send the RF24 commands. I have also plans on adding 433MHz functionality to control RF sockets around the house, already have the transmitter and receiver module.

Another near future plan is to design the PCB for the remote controller. At the moment it's used as is from the breadboard. Actually I use it most of the time to control the lights instead of my phone app.

Edit: Got the nRF24L01+ working on the RPi. Ran the helloworld_rx & _tx from the RF24Networking library with the RPi and used an arduino as the other. TX was a bit flaky with the RPi, with about 90% sending success. The RX worked better with a 99% receiving success. It was easier than I thought. :)

Edit2: The problem was in my arduino module not the RPi. 100% success both ways with a different module. Now it's time to import my server side code to python for the RPi.