The Crafty Robot

Super-cheap moving paper robot driven by a USB charged super-cap powered vibration module. Allows robots to be created from almost anything.

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I wanted to work out a way anyone could design and make their own moving toy. I began experimenting with vibration motors and gradually through a process of iteration was able to create a module that didn't need batteries of any kind. I'm really excited buy the way paper toy designs can easily be shared across the internet and replicated using just a regular 2D printer so I'm excited to have made something that makes those toys much more entertaining. The modules also turn out to be able to drive quite a lot of non-paper robots including some 3D printed designs I've made, robots made from rubbish and my favourite, biscuits/cookies. I've been running a Kickstarter campaign which has gone quite well and ends on 10/25/15

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zakqwy wrote 10/23/2015 at 17:00 point

What kind of life do you get out of the supercaps (seconds, minutes, etc)? Can you control the motion in any way, or does it just run at full blast until the cap drops out?

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