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A project log for WS2812B Delay Splitter

Splts a WS2812B bitstream, delaying one side by a selectable number of LEDs

petePete 10/23/2015 at 19:570 Comments

Stupid I had several versions of the board and somehow deleted the current one instead of one of the older ones! I still have all the gerber files, though, and was able to order 9 of them from OSHPark.. I'll just have to trace out which pins connect to which pads. I think I have them right for the test jig, but will wait until I receive them and can verify before I order the jig boards.

I think its:

3SJ 4
8SJ 8
9SJ 16
10SJ 1
12SJ 2

They're not very logical here, but there were a couple of priorities in deciding which pin should go where: 1) I wanted the pins used for programming the CMIC to be on D-In and the solder jumpers, 2) pin2 is Vpp (programming voltage) and input only, so I figured that should be D-In, 3) the power traces from D-In to D-Delay should be as wide as possible, and 4) with those constraints and minimal size in mind, I tried to make the board layout as simple as I could by rearranging which SJ went to which CMIC pin.

That's one of the nice things about this, and FPGAs in general. It's easy to move pins around to make the board layout simple, rather than needing to design the board to whatever pin order the chip designer went with.