1"² Version for the square inch contest

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A Powermeter for USB Devices / Gadgets

daniel-griehaberDaniel Grießhaber 10/25/2015 at 19:470 Comments

I decided to make a new version of the board that fits on a single square inch to enter this project to the Hackaday square inch contest.

Since the old form factor was mainly influenced by the 7 segment display, I decided to switch to a 0.96" OLED Display that fits the form factor of a square inch board quite nicely.

The board is a complete redesign, however the schematic is mostly the same. I only needed to add 2 10kΩ pull ups to the I2C line of the display.

With the new display I am also able to implement much cooler features. I think about a graphing function that plots the voltage / power / current over time and different UI setups. However I was not able to fit all the testpoints from the old version due to the smaller perimeter. Now only VIN and VOUT have a dedicated testpoint

I will still finish the other version of the board and can use it to verify the current and voltage sense circuit. I think that the 1Ω shunt resistor is way to big, however I will need to double check that when the boards are back