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A Powermeter for USB Devices / Gadgets

daniel-griehaberDaniel GrieƟhaber 11/17/2015 at 19:470 Comments

Today finally the boards in v0.9 arrived. They are just beautiful, but before I will post some pics, I want to share the story of my hassle:

After I ordered the boards, I quickly realised that PayPay did not allow me to complete the transaction. After a long (but friendly) phone call I knew that the security system somehow stopped the transaction until all other of my transaction are completed. The problem maybe was that I ordered too much stuff for a small amount in a short time, and the automatic fraud protection did kick in for my account. After 9 days finally the payment was completed. Turn time at OSHPark was really short with 5 days until they were shipped. Shipment time was another 16 days until today which sums up to a total of 30 days!

However, now they finally arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL. Checkout them out: