BOM: Part Numbers

A project log for Key Pass

Keychain USB multiple password manager/generator/injector

danjovicdanjovic 10/28/2015 at 00:330 Comments

I've spent some time mining at Mouser website and compiled the bill of materials by manufacturer part number. I took care to choose items by availability and price.

Whole list with links to Mouser website available below, but the manufacturer part number makes easier to search for the same components in other electronics distributors (Farnell, Newark, Tarzan, etc)

Components / Part Numbers

  1. IC1 ATMega8-16AU
  2. DS1 SC56-11GWA
  3. D1,D2 ZMM5226B
  4. C1 12065C104KAT2A
  5. C2,C3 VJ0805A220JXGAT5Z
  6. R1 CRCW08052K20FKEA
  7. R2,R3 CRCW080568R0FKEA
  8. R4 CRCW080510K0FKEA
  9. R5 CRCW0805470RFKEA
  10. XT1 HCM49-16.000MABJ-UT
  11. S1,S2 B3F-3122
  12. K1 48037-0001