Motor considerations...

A project log for 3DPMRS - 3D Printed Modular Rocket System

Collaborative rocket design.

Mike MalukMike Maluk 05/09/2016 at 05:360 Comments

So far the build is going really smoothly. All the printed parts are fitting well and my printer has been behaving (for the most part). I'll be sure to update the build instructions with a full build when it's complete.

However, as I'm building it, weight is definitely something I've been stressing over. This has led me to look outside the Estes line for other options. I'm not sure I'd like to do this considering you can grab Estes motors at most craft stores and Wal-Marts for cheap. The issue is that the F15-6 only puts out a peak thrust of about 26 newtons. Whereas, with Aerotech, I can grab a 29mm motor for not too much more cash that easily triples that. That would almost negate the weight issues completely.

Seeing as I'm looking to 3D print motors, this is more of a diversion than a total setback. In the end, I still believe the entire rocket will be able to be sourced locally!