So ... Not so Great

A project log for Stop!

I know another Arudino project that probably could have been done a little bit easier by someone a little bit smarter

Anthony.selbyAnthony.selby 10/30/2015 at 01:090 Comments

I kinda of have things working .... just not the way I want them

I wasn't really thinking when I was looking at the industruino its a 5v arduino which is great and all but the cc1101 requires 3.3v for power (not a problem) and data (problem) so I had some cheap 433 radios hooked them up ... changed the code to use those instead ... and hurray it worked

The problem is (with a lot of those cheap 433 modules) the range just doesn't work out well ... I can get about 30 feet away and it still works but any farther and it just doesn't do it (30 feet is enough but it doesn't make it through the concrete :-( )

So I ordered a logic level converter and a couple other odds and ends to see if I can get the cc1101s working

Everything is suppose to be here by the 2nd or 3rd ... go amazon

So I'll write another post after I get a chance to play with things