All Done ... Finally

A project log for Stop!

I know another Arudino project that probably could have been done a little bit easier by someone a little bit smarter

Anthony.selbyAnthony.selby 11/01/2016 at 15:230 Comments

I know a lot of you probably thought that I had given up or that I simply didn't finish this project, well when you work in a place like I do. You end up with thousands of things going on and some of them just don't measure up on the priority list.

Anyways, a lot has changed from when I started, mainly new devices were available, which made things a lot easier on me.

I ended up getting some adafruit feathers ( added a couple of the antenna connector ( and the adapter ( then I put this on the receiver (

Modified the example source code a little bit to trip a relay when the button was pushed and BOOM ... all done

I added the battery pack on the transmitter side, because the crane operators like to charge their cell phones and I wanted it to still work

Tried it all together and everything works, I'm planning on running over there tomorrow so I will add some final pictures but everything works and everyone is happy.

Thanks for all the comments and support