Offroad Cargobike - #forgetRoads

impressive Cargobike to go anywhere on planet earth. really. #forgetRoads

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Cargobikes are very usefull bikes - we all know. Endless applications are covered: delivery, familiy, shoping, transportation and fun. We @AnywhereBerlin take cargobikes to the next level:
Imagine everything you can do with cargobikes, but truely offroad. 2x26" fat wheels / two motors / 60x80cm cargo area / min. 100kgs load ... #forgetRoads and #goAnywhere with our bikes. #extendedplay on every little path on earth.

We offer the groundbreaking vehicle to deliver mobility! no need for roads. no need for shell. sustainable mobility for our planet. Become part of this revolution, follow our developments and join the #11TribesOfAnywhere.

more updates, comments and videos at http://www.Anywhere.Berlin or

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 10/26/2015 at 21:02 point

Pretty cool bikes. How do you make these?

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Forget Roads wrote 12/27/2015 at 15:38 point

it's basically just classic frame building: getting steel tubes and join them to get the bike you want while not forgetting a handful of details.

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