Infrared Blasters/Connectors

A project log for Global Cache Wireless Emulator (ESP8266)

Use an ESP8266 for wireless I/R, sensors, and relay control. Emulate Global Cache protocol for compatibility with existing products.

flynnwtflynnwt 06/04/2016 at 14:170 Comments

I built a couple versions of the infrared devices. I need to finish packaging this version using the top from one of the old X10 powermids. This one has a blaster and two IR connectors.

I also added some useful stuff to the software like TCP logging (connect to port 23 with PuTTY, etc. instead of needing physical connection to the UART).

I still haven't done a tremendous amount of IR device testing, but I use one daily to control Panasonic and Yamaha devices over http (browser bookmarks). I would still like to scope the infrared output to find the best component values. I may try to get IR learning working at some point; I did have it working with an Arduino, but it's not too useful anymore except for really oddball devices.