Viperizing the Photon

A project log for ViperPhoton weather station

Host webpage with weather readings from distributed sensors on a viperized Photon

andreas.betzandreas.betz 10/28/2015 at 16:400 Comments

OK, what the hell is he talking about, I hear you say.

A few months ago I bought a new wifi enabled MCU (then) called Spark Photon ( It comes with its own Arduino inspired IDE and some cloud API. Which it seemed to me everything runs through, all my code, sensor readings, the lot. I'm not a fan of putting stuff on the cloud and only flashing over-the-air, so I looked for alternatives in terms of firmware. Enter VIPER (, a Python based firmware for MCUs.

After connecting the Photon to the Particle cloud once (and with great difficulty, I must say), it was time to follow the VIPER guys; instructions and "viperize" the Photon. With the right DFU drivers and VIPER installed it went ahead just fine. Even the wifi connection was established near out-of-the box :)