Collaborative double-helix coat hanger

From concept to process on an art piece that like a technical framework, leaves attachment points so others can contribute

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This is an art piece that will double as functional furniture. Made of steel, it's designed to be placed in living rooms or entrance halls to entice guests to think about life, science, biotechnology and this mysterious code that define the physical portion of ourselves.

It should also have spaces for people to hang little pieces of paper with their thoughts, where next guests could delight themselves by reading them.

I plan to make 2 versions of it : 

* A slim, solo piece, that will have a pretty clean appearance, nothing on the sides of the helix 
* A wider side Helix, so it can be used as Canvas by other artists - this will be the collaborative component 

How to participate? Send me your drawings and I'll add them to the piece! Constraints and details on the first log, take a look!

  • How to collaborate - submit your drawings!

    Samir Dupont03/11/2018 at 04:27 0 comments

    So, here are rough specs for the Canvas :

    4 Inches wide and likely 12~36 inches but I was thinking that Ideally, I'd get drawings that will be not extremely long so I can fit maybe 4~6 different drawings in each side of the piece. I plan to engrave the artist's names (for credit) unless I'm asked not to, which is an option.

    Method! Please Keep this in mind as it'll help the design to be viable or not. I'll be most likely using a hand-operated plasma cutter, so :

    • Keep in mind that there will be a Kerf - exact number will be updated here later
    • Keep the level of detail low as  ^ we have a kerf AND the canvas is not too wide
    • Message is optional. But I'm trying to avoid actual text, but I won't limit what you can do on your submission.

    Here's an example of the amount of precision we get, from an experienced artist's hands :

    I'm not half as good as her, so if we keep the level of detail small (silhouettes, skylines, simple lines/curves) results will be better.

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