Arduino Dr. Jack and Mr. O'Lantern

Come In Side and Play, Won't You

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Come In Side and Play, Won't You

A rushed build for All Hallows Eve which left improvements like a more generous smoke tray, refined blower, water pump, ambient sound and FLAMES, aborted.

Code and subtle pornogra--no, I mean, horror...not whorer...but horror. Arduino IDE code and free cookies up on your link clickage.

  • 1 × Arduino Uno
  • 2 × Servo
  • 1 × Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 2 × TIP120 Discrete Semiconductors / Power Transistors and MOSFETs
  • 2 × 2.2K Resistor

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  • Amateur Servo Tip

    Vije Miller10/31/2015 at 07:24 0 comments

    Advice from a drunken builder, when seeking a motion of servo versus larger object, remember Archimedes, not that it matters because you can know levers with out him entirely, just thank him in passing. Think of a lever on it's side and recognize that rather than seeking a point from center, shift to the greatest edge and lever or leave it. Boom.

  • Relaying (beat) Information

    Vije Miller10/31/2015 at 07:18 0 comments

  • Serum

    Vije Miller10/31/2015 at 03:04 0 comments

    While carving a pleasant little pumpkin for the children to find glee and adulation, I accidentally swallowed a pumpkin seed. Laced with Nature's poison, I succumbed to it's decay as neurons tangled, my skin tensed, my blood boiled, I changed. I awoke much later to find this wretched thing before me, unaware of how I built it or why. I am cursed.

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