TrainLight hangs above your door and shows at a glance which transit lines will get you to your destination fastest.

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Challenge: Guide people to their destinations subtly. Subtract the extraneous choices, demands and clutter that afflict most navigation tools.

Challenge: Invent an Internet of Things / Augmented Reality tool that does a useful job better than smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Google Maps is great for finding a new place in an unfamiliar city. It shows you every turn, it calculates your transit fare, it predicts your trip’s duration.

But if you live in a big city and use transit, you usually don’t need all that. You know how to get to work, to school, to your favorite restaurant.

You just need to know: Which line will get me there fastest right now?

TrainLight reveals that at a glance. No swipes, no taps. No interrupting your train of thought. Just glance up as you head out.

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