Free upgrade, wohoo

A project log for DIL-Duino

A complete Arduino environment in a DIL-8 form factor based on the DigiSpark Hardware

Daniel GrießhaberDaniel Grießhaber 11/10/2015 at 17:490 Comments

Just got a mail from OSHPark:

Hi!  We had some free room on one of our Super Swift Service panels,
so we took the opportunity to give you an upgrade.

Your affected orders are:
  * <CENCORED :)>

The Super Swift Service drops your expected fabrication time from 12
calendar days to just 5 business days.  The same fabs manufacture the
Super Swift panels as our normal panels, so you can expect the same
excellent quality.

Only fabrication time is affected, so the shipping times and method will
remain the same.

Thanks for using OSH Park!

No, OSH Park: Thank you!