Boards arrived

A project log for DIL-Duino

A complete Arduino environment in a DIL-8 form factor based on the DigiSpark Hardware

Daniel GrießhaberDaniel Grießhaber 11/19/2015 at 17:430 Comments

The boards werw ordered just 12 days ago and already arrived here in Germany. I really didn't expect the this quick. Now I first have to order the components before I can populate them. Also the stencil is still missing and the QFN pads seem a bit too small for my soldering skills ;)

Here are some pics of the board:



They are really really small. you may can guess the size by taking a look on how high the silkscreen and the copper traces seem on the board and how "blurry" the silkscreen appears to be.

The small white dots around the components are the designators in text size 0.254mm. Ok, I guess that was way to small to be readable :D.