Simple Universal Light Handlebar Mount

Minimal Part Count (1) Light Handlebar Mount

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After losing a Light Handlebar Mount to wear and tear I found myself in urgent need of a replacement. Having studied a few schemes I came upon this one:

which I found the best, given the low part count (1).

I had no old inner tubes lying around so the next and nearest thing was silicone tubing, which turned out ok given that a couple of loops around the handlebar provide some padding between handlebar and light plus a half shoelace knot provides a quick release mechanism.

This setup received a royal pounding and come out as it went in without any tilting so I judged it worthy of documenting.

Another Minimal Engineering attempt.

  • 1 × Silicone Tubbing 720mm (2' 4") Ø4.8 external diameter Ø1.8 internal diameter or similar

  • 1
    Step 1

    Loop silicone tubing around handlebar a couple times. Place light on top then fasten with crossing knots, finishing with a half shoelace knot.

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