Introducing The OpenDLP-3D Project

The OpenDLP-3D project aims to design and implement a complete and comprehensive hardware/software system for open source DLP 3D Printing. One of the reasons why the RepRap projected exploded was because of the hardware software combination of the RAMPS shield with early firmwares then marlin that led to the projects massive size today. The DLP resin printing community lacks a hardware/software solution that allows for simple design and implemenation of 3D printers. OpenDLP-3D aims to be the RAMPS/Marlin for the DLP printing community!

OpenDLP-3D Consists of 3 Main Components/Sub-projects:

Odyssey-Host : Desktop Host Control software written in Python intended to be run on person computers (Mac/Linux/Windows). Odyssey-Host will allow users to configure the software to their printer's specification, slice files into SVG, control their printer, view sliced files, and monitor print progress. Essentially a simplified Printrun/Pronterface for DLP printers, heavily inspired by Gary Hodgson's Project Layer :

Odyssey-Printer : Embedded printer control software written in Python and C (PRU) for the Beaglebone Black and its PRUs. Odyssey-Printer controls the entire printer and all of its functions, it is a headless application, it connects to Odyssey-Host when the printer is turned on/booted up. Think of this component as the firmware despite being a userspace python program running on an SBC.

DLP-Cape : A Cape for the Beaglebone Black for controlling DLP 3D printers. Consists of two bipolar stepper motor drivers, max/min endstops for Z and tilt, two mosfets for pump control, resin level sensor inputs, and load cell inputs. The DLP-Cape + Beaglebone Black are the heart of the printer, think of this setup as a MEGA+RAMPS.