Animatronic Radio Controlled Corpse

3D printed, animatronic, radio controlled corpse for Halloween.

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Designed and printed an animatronic "tail" driven by two Futaba S3004 servos and a Spektrum receiver (also programmed an Arduino UNO to run a random program). Added some foam to act as "ribs" and some foam tubing as legs and head. Covered the skeleton with a trash bag and hung it in the front yard. I also utilized a bluetooth speaker in the head for sound effects.

It was quite a hit on Halloween. There were a few confused visitors who believed there was a real person inside, as I would interact with them through my front window, only moving it when they asked a question, such as "are you ok?"
  • 2 × Futaba S3004 Servo

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davedarko wrote 11/03/2015 at 18:25 point

nice! Do you have a video?

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