Hello. My Name is Ilya Pikin, and I want to share with you information about my sampler-player device, which I am working on during a year.

It is based on STM32F407 168MHz microcontroller, CS4334 audio DAC, AD8532 amplifier, Samsung K9FxG NAND flash memory, which allows to store up to 1GByte of CD quality (44100 Hz 16 bit) mono samples.

The Beatsqueezer produce sound in 44100 Hz 16 bit stereo and up to 16 voices polyphony. So it's more than enough to make complicated music.

It has 4 knobs, 1 rotary encoder with button, 16x2 character display, DIN5 MDI in, 3.5 jack audio output, micro SD card slot and mini USB for device powering and communication with computer thru USB-MIDI.

Intuitive and simple navigation in menu, using only one rotary encoder.

There is a possibility to upgrade or install different firmware from SD card thru built in bootloader.

For onboard knobs implemented the "smart knobs" behaviour - filter value will changing, only if real knob position and value will match.

With special software, user has possibility to create his 100% own sample banks. The file format supports 128 audio samples, one sample for each note. Sample looping point, for infinitive playback. Cut group, for playing only one sample at one time from specific group (for example: open and close hat, solo instrument), or multiple samples (for group 0). Dynamic or fixed velocity for each sample. "Play to the end" (for example: drum sounds) or "stop after note off" behaviour. If "Play to the end" feature and loop point are defined, sample goes to "Live looping" mode, when 1-st press will play sample and 2-nd will stop it. Stereo panorama for each note.

Also Beatsqueezer has range of filters and special effects: low pass resonant filter, ring modulation, flanger, stereo rotary vibrato, limiter, bitcrusher, granular glitch, delay with low pass and high pass filters, ADSR envelope for amplitude and ADSR for low pass filter.

Main features:

  • CD audio quality 44100Hz 16 bit stereo output
  • 16 voice polyphony
  • 128 samples per bank
  • up to 64 banks
  • 3 LEDs for note on, control change and samples playback indication
  • 4 knobs
  • 1 rotary encoder with button
  • 16x2 character lcd display
  • powering thru USB mini socket (5 volts)
  • MIDI thru MDI IN (DIN5) and USB-MIDI at one time
  • loading banks from SD card
  • from 128Mbytes to 1GByte flash memory (all for user banks)
  • built in bootloader for firmware upgrade or installation different one
  • intuitive and simple navigation in menu, using only one rotary encoder
  • loop point for each sample
  • cut group for each sample
  • dynamic or fixed velocity for each sample
  • "disable note off" behaviour for each sample
  • stereo panorama for each sample
  • possibility to define default values for all filters parameters
  • "Smart knobs" behaviour
  • "Live looping" mode
  • selectable channel (1-16)
  • minimum velocity (0-127)
  • staccato or legato attack for LP ADSR filter


  • low pass resonant filter
  • ring modulation
  • flanger
  • stereo rotary vibrato
  • limiter
  • bitcrusher
  • granular glitch
  • delay with low pass and high pass filters
  • ADSR envelope for amplitude
  • ADSR envelope for low pass filter

Knobs values:

  • 40 - Low Pass Cut Off
  • 41 - Low Pass Resonance
  • 42 - Ring modulation frequency
  • 43 - Ring modulation value
  • 44 - Flanger frequency
  • 45 - Flanger value
  • 46 - Rotary Vibrato frequency
  • 47 - Rotary Vibrato value
  • 48 - Limiter value
  • 49 - Bitcrusher value
  • 50 - Granular Glitch Shift
  • 51 - Granular Glitch Length
  • 52 - Delay High Pass filter value
  • 53 - Delay Low Pass filter value
  • 54 - Delay value
  • 55 - Delay time
  • 56 - Amplitude Attack value
  • 57 - Amplitude Decay value
  • 58 - Amplitude Sustain value
  • 59 - Amplitude Release value
  • 60 - Low Pass filter Attack value
  • 61 - Low Pass filter Decay value
  • 62 - Low Pass filter Sustain value
  • 63 - Low Pass filter Release value


  • channel (1-16)
  • velocity (0-127)
  • mixing volume(0% - 100%)
  • LP envelope (staccato or legato)
  • smart knobs mode (enable disable)
  • reset knobs on bank change (yes no)
  • show pressed note info (yes no)
  • show switched knob info (yes no)
  • banks information: used banks from maximum banks (64) and busy memory size from device maximum...
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