Citizen Science Museum

Interactive site utilizing IOT to allow users control of microscopes, telescopes, weather stations, cameras, etc...A Virtual Exploratorium.

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The Project will be ongoing and include at minimum:

1. Internet connected Celestron Nexstar with modifications to allow users to activate and view built-in "tour guide"

- 10 best objects that can be seen on any given day.
- Certain events i.e. meteror showers, comets, eclipses, etc... will be broadcast as deemed appropriate or by user request.

2. Trinocular Miscrocope with modified Gopro Hero 3 C-mount
- Allows for high-quality imaging (sans fish-eye lens) of specimens, either by request or chosen by museum curator
- Allows for high-quality, high-framerate, video capture.
- Can produce high quality streaming video of pond water, along with high FPS video for slow-motion analysis of single-celled organism movement

3. Webcam/GoPro HD livestream of Ant Farm, Aquarium, Vivarium, etc..

4. Embedded webcam feeds from other museums, zoos, labs, universities, etc... deemed appropriate and contributed by the community.

For the Celestron Nexstar interface, I plan to use a Raspberry Pi with the camera. I will mostly be following the hardware used from this blog post;

I will work on the web interface myself, and I will stream through a 3rd-party streaming service i.e. ustream, livestream, etc... in order to save bandwidth.

Amscope microscopes have c-mount adapters, and the Gopro will be much more interesting on the microscope for imaging.

I will also experiment with livestreaming of natural environments using binaural audio.

  • 1 × Celestron Nexstar Telescope GPS telescope that can automatically locate 10 best objects in the sky to view every night.
  • 1 × Amscope Trinocular Telescope with C-mount adapter Trinocular microscope with c-mount for connnecting Gopro camera to livestream and photograph.
  • 3 × GoPro Hero High quality imaging for livestreaming from telescope, miscroscope, and observations of vivariums.
  • 1 × Skeleton Ribcage kit Built on both the popular GoPro Hero4 and Hero3/3+ camera lines, the Ribcage Mod Kit brings all the advantages of these versatile cameras and adds infinite options with interchangeable lenses. Use small fixed focus M12 lenses, the superior optical quality of FA and Megapixel CS and C-Mount lenses, or the power and features of any available SLR lens. Film in ultra slow motion, or at resolutions never before seen on a consumer level camera. Our kit turns the GoPro into a powerhouse professional production camera! Resolutions up to 4K/30, HD frame rates up to 240 fps, up to two internal optical filters at once, infrared imaging and more; the possibilities are endless. Available as a ready to go camera, or as a modification kit for those who like to tinker!

  • Canon Powershot SX520 HS for live video/imagery

    _henry04/15/2016 at 22:03 1 comment

    April 15, 2016 - I have acquired a Canon Powershot SX520 HS with 40x optical zoom and image stabilization. The high zoom output of this camera will be used to provide live images for streaming.

  • First Steps

    _henry11/04/2015 at 19:55 0 comments

    Initial planning stages of website design (cms, domain name, hosting, streaming services, etc..), as well as development and prototyping of the first IOT devices.

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Richard Hogben wrote 11/04/2015 at 22:58 point

Cool idea!

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