Gyroblades - CBNO (CIS) Self bal

End Result = Find up to five people to build a working/ patent-able pair of SELF BALANCED RollerBlades to sell on our

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SHARE THIS I need to surround myself with no more than five new people that can think outside of the box to build self balancing inline skates then we will reignite the rollerblading market while moving forward with CBNO (CIS). Note: Other products can have added to them this technology but we need to focus and since we own we are still the best viable option to work with. We have a team in China that put together a prototype and we filed some paperwork lets work. COPY AND PASTE THIS EVERYWHERE

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zakqwy wrote 11/05/2015 at 15:26 point

Why not skip the patent and make the whole thing open-source?

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