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A project log for WiFi Centre Speaker

Essentially Version 2.0 of my other project, Network Amplifier. Retro-fitted WiFi / powered centre speaker from a 5.1 surround sound system.

ronaldronald 12/19/2015 at 07:030 Comments

After the PT2314 was exhibiting the same quirks as I'd seen before in rev 1.0, I reluctantly accepted that a RPi2 was not going to be part of this build... You see, the RPi2 does not have the P5 header that the older Pis have and thus does not have an extra i2c port (accessible at least) that I have used in the past to make the PT2314 work. For some insane reason, the on-board i2c pull-up resistors on the RPi prevent the PT2314 from working. Since the P5 header does not have pull-up resistors on the extra i2c port presented there, it just works. Sure, I could've removed the smd pull-ups from the RPi2 but then would have had trouble with the TEA radio module since it also communicates via i2c. In the end, it didn't turn out too badly as the sdcard image that came with the WaveShare SpotPeat 4inch LCD touch screen doesn't work with the newer RPi2 which meant that I would've had to fiddle around a lot more to get the screen going. A few more cuts into the original speaker were required to fit it all in there and overall I'm quite happy with the result not to mention that it has a very high WAF rating. :)