Battlebot #1

A quick 2-week effort to get a plastic battlebot working. (August 2015)

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The part that most people are probably interested in:

Other details....:

I decided two weeks before competition that I could use all my free time and get a basic wedge design implemented. I subsequently spent most of my time overdesigning it in Solidworks, and got it working last minute. During qualification, I could only drive backwards, and did not have the cover made yet.

The end result was a rather impotent little bot:
- weighed 1 lb in 3 lb competition
- tracks weren't level, so was hard to drive

However I quietly demonstrated that polycarbonate, even at 1/32" inch thickness, is nigh inpenetrable to plastic weapons. (I didn't have enough material to fully cover my bot's sides though, thus the demolition in the video linked)
  • 1 × Axon Mote
  • 1 × VNHSP30 Dual Motor Driver
  • 1 × 2 x motors 6V 20mm diameter with 54:1 gearbox from Pololu
  • 1 × Pololu tank treads
  • 1 × 3D printed drive wheels

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