BOM cleanup

A project log for Attiny24 Network Cable Tester

Replacement boards for a cheap commercial cable tester

JuniperJuniper 03/19/2018 at 02:020 Comments

    When I originally built this project I reused a number of parts from the original boards in the cable tester, mostly mechanical parts. This meant that my BOMs were not as complete as I'd like, so I've been working on getting a better BOM put together with part numbers for the components that need them. The new BOM files can be seen on Github and a list of components for both boards is now on this project page.

    This process involved carefully checking the mechanical drawings of the components of the components I intended to spec, and along the way I found some small measurement errors in some of my PCB footprints. I went ahead and fixed these, so there were some changes to the board layouts as well. I also took the opportunity to upload the design and updated layout files to the project page.

    The one part that has me stumped is the 10 LED standoff that is used to space the test indicator LEDs on both boards. I've been able to find all sorts of LED standoffs but none that will allow multiple LEDs to be spaced as closely as is necessary on this board. I could, of course, draw up a design to be 3D printed but I feel like that's opening up a whole other can of worms.