Energy Monitor

Monitor and record amperage across an AC line using REST APIs

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Inspired by - this project monitors AC line current using a current transformer whose signals are then translated to datagrams over USB, where it can be stored and interpreted by a host server.

An Arduino is used for analog-to-digital conversion (in my case an Adafruit Trinket 5V) as well as faux USB serial communication to the host computer. The host could be a laptop or Raspberry Pi, and then an HTTP server can retrieve the current amperage and make the current value available as a REST API endpoint.
  • 1 × Adafruit 5V Trinket
  • 1 × USB Cable for Trinket
  • 1 × 10uF capacitor
  • 2 × 10kΩ resistors Connectors and Accessories / Miscellaneous Connectors
  • 1 × 33Ω resistor

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