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A project log for Poké Decoy

A (very useful) electronic Pokemon whistle decoy to make tall grass fun again.

furrtekFurrtek 11/17/2015 at 05:130 Comments

I don't regret going for 0805 passives instead of 1206.
Everything fits, there are only 6 components on the back right-hand side to save a millimeter when the board will be pressed against the battery.

I can't get DXF import to work correctly in Solidworks so I'm just taking the biggest tantalum cap as height bound.

I followed Altera's recommendations for the CPLD's connections, but I'll still be in doubt until I get the "Programming succeeded" message.

Next step is to order the components and check their footprints. Then GERBER check and it's off to PCBCart for a week. I'll try to R-E Pokemon Crystal's sound engine (or part of it) while waiting.

No updates on the enclosure, waiting to have a functional board before ordering the prints.