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Run a low-power MCU efficiently from an AA(A) or button cell

Ted YapoTed Yapo 03/13/2018 at 20:210 Comments

So, I found the TPS61099x series of boost converters, which claim 1uA quiescent current and 75% efficiency at 10uA load.  These look usable out-of-the-box for micropower 1-cell MCU applications.  I do wonder, though, if the same shutdown trick can be used to reduce the sleep current even more by running the converter at higher current (and higher efficiency) to periodically charge some low-leakage storage caps.  I'm going to order a few and test them out.

The downside I can see to this part is that the only package option stocked at DigiKey is a 1.23 x 0.88 mm BGA.  That's pretty small to assemble at home.

Another small PCB from OSH Park coming up.  At least I'm batching them now, so they don't have to send me an envelope for $1 worth of boards :-)