There are two common types of growing solutions that are common these days.

a. One is the standard growing in the soil gardening where we use soil mixed with organic fertiliser to grow plants. Plants are planted in the soil and we only need to add water and light. In our setup, we use large pots to grow plants in direct sunlight and watering as well as soil measurement is done via the Intel Edison.

b. The second is called a hydroponic system where instead of soil we use a different medium to grow plants and the nutrients are supplied as a part of the liquid system. In our setup, we use perlite as a growing medium and use liquid nutrients pumped in a Flood and drain system. The nutrient liquid is pumped into the tray and kept there for a time and then drain afterwards and cycled.

Our project is designed to cater to both these needs and can be extended as per requirement.

Here is a demo video of the final system: