NES- and SNES-like USB Controllers!

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ACROBOTIC IndustriesACROBOTIC Industries 11/30/2015 at 23:580 Comments

Oh the nostalgia... As a child of the 80s, @Cisco 'MakerBro' Zabala was all giddy when the controllers came in the mail. These are inexpensive look-alike controllers to the original NES and SNES controllers with a USB interface.

We want to pug together a kit where two of each are included so that users get 4 controllers (the max number of USB ports in our custom hub) right out of the box. We also plan on including a little USB BLE adapter (without a BLE controller) to allow connecting any XBOX/PS3/PS4 controller to the RASPICON.

We also received most of the electronics, so we'll be assembling the USB Hub and posting a new log over the next couple of days!