update 5: notes and graphics

A project log for Pix-Watch - stm32l4 based smartwatch

A smartwatch with an cortex m4f at heart. using awesome components and imagination to bring it to life.

8bit-bunny8bit-bunny 03/25/2016 at 22:360 Comments

Ramon here,

since the ble113 was going to be a pain to get right (Atomsoft said so) (it needed a extra swd on the pcb to program), we ditched it and switched to a BC118 module, which works over uart as well, and uses only 9uA in sleep mode

both modules are about the same price ($11 at digikey) so that won't be an issue.

i have also started on cleaning the code and spread it over multiple libraries, otherwise we'd have one library of 1500+ lines of code.

code will be up soon hopefully.

update 31march:

i also have created some one graphics command, namely: a circular loading bar (demo vid on end of log), and have put as much graphic commands in the RAM because it simple speeds things up.

i also tried overclocking the teensy, and it runs stable up to 144mhz, any higher will cause the system to fail (under voltage on the mcu i think).

note that this is 200% of the recommended mcu clockspeed, so i don't recommend going over 96mhz (which is already a overclock on the teensy).

video for the circular loading bar drawing is here: