Custom 60% mechanical keyboard with TrackPoint

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- TrackPoint
· Press to Click
· Middle Button Scroll
· custom speed/sensitivity settings

- Cherry MX Clear mechanical switches

- 60% form factor

- Standard ISO layout, except for the split spacebar

- Fn layer with arrows/function/multimedia keys

- Programmer's layer (type parenthesis by tapping the Shift keys, brackets on Control keys, curly brackets on Alt keys)

- Numpad layer

Build log and pictures on

  • 1 × Teensy 2.0 running TMK firmware by hasu
  • 61 × Cherry MX switch, Clear Scavenged from an old Desko keyboard
  • 1 × Cherry MX switch, Tactile Gray Scavenged from an old Desko keyboard (for the Enter key)
  • 1 × Cherry MX switch, Brown for the Fn key
  • 3 × Cherry MX switch, Blue, Jailhouse mod for the TrackPoint buttons

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cuvtixo wrote 08/01/2021 at 01:49 point

Another thought!, You could use keys from the infamous "deadflesh" ZX80 keyboard. Wooden case, and the conceit is complete!

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cuvtixo wrote 08/01/2021 at 01:45 point

It's probably in poor taste, my my first thought is to call it the "Jesus Keyboard", because there's a big nail in the middle. Make the rest of it out of wooden parts ,and you have a great, though maybe blasphemous, novelty keyboard!

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