ESP8266 Remote Control

ESP8266 enclosure. Listen for button press -> send http request.

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I designed this enclosure to make a wifi remote controller for a ping pong scoreboard. The brain is an ESP8266 with buttons wired to IO pins 0 and 2. When a button is pressed the ESP will make an HTTP GET request to a specified URL

For power I'm using a 3v CR123A rechargeable battery. It fits into a custom fit holder that uses copper tape and braided wire to connect to the circuit. An on/off switch lets you shut it off while not in use to save the battery. The batteries are apparently a commonly used size for flashlights, I got a pack of them on Amazon with a charger. They are 600maH and in my own unsophisticated testing they will last for about 12 hours while sending an HTTP request once per minute. Given the extra time you get for turning it off, and the batteries being rechargeable this puts them in an acceptable range for my purposes.

  • 1 × ESP8266
  • 1 × Set Printed Parts Box, Lid, and Divider plate
  • 1 × Smallish Protoboard
  • 2 × Buttons I used RadioShack part #: 275-0644
  • 1 × Switch I used RadioShack part #: 275-0015

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  • Poke action

    foamyguy12/05/2015 at 00:28 0 comments

    Since the box is fully enclosed (and under a table in my case) you can't easily see the power indicator LED on the esp. This makes it easy to forget that the controller is turned on when not in use which wastes some of the magic pixies in the battery. To solve this problem I've added an idle countdown that starts sending "poke" requests until you either reset it by pushing a button or shut it off.

  • Hello, and Longpress functions added

    foamyguy12/02/2015 at 03:23 0 comments

    The ESP arduino code now supports a long press action for the buttons. There is also an optional Hello action that will make a request when the ESP is finished booting up and joining the wifi network.

  • Different Design

    foamyguy12/01/2015 at 03:40 0 comments

    I've added a new "v3" design to the repository (SCAD, and STLs). This design is upside down compared to the original. The buttons and switch are on the lid, and the battery holder is built in to the box. There is no divider plate so the only printed parts are the box and the lid.

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