MSX protocard

An msx protoboard with eprom and basic data/address lines layout for easy and quick prototyping for MSX systems.

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My MSX lacks any floppy disk controller and has no second slot for games... so I want to modify it, for that I have to learn the basics of MSX. And so, first project is to make some "universal" protoboards, that enable me to quickly prototype hardware. My plan is to make a few of these boards and build either some Homebrew game cards, a floppy controller, IDE controller or even a slotexpander. The PCB should get alott of prototype pins (wich currently are not there as you can see)

  • 1 × PCB The prototype board, could be replaced by selfmade one or none at all (dificult)
  • 1 × Capasitor (Value tbd)
  • 1 × Capasitor 1nF for EEPROM

  • The start

    codeasm11/17/2015 at 11:15 0 comments

    Ok, have started a couple of days ago and this is what I like to do:


    • Wire the selection header (for rom size and location selection, as seen on more msx protoboards/cardrigde cards)
    • Dont use autoroute, make it look clean (wich I hope make it more easy to mod lines if needed)
    • Add proto areas (how to cleanly add this to eagle?)
    • Manufacture the boards at a cheap fab. (all files will be availeble, because I got all info and symbols for free aswell)
    • Test a MSX mapper like Asci

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  • 1
    Step 1

    Get PCB

  • 2
    Step 2

    Get Items like EEProm (preprogrammend or empty)

  • 3
    Step 3

    Look at the parts and enjoy

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