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    Step 1

    Uploading Standard Firmata to Arduino

    To connect PHIRO Pro and Arduino with Pocket Code we will need to have the Standard Firmata on the Arduino Board.

    In Arduino IDE,
    Select the COM Port - Tools -> Serial Port -> Corresponding COM Port

    Next select your Arduino Board. Tools -> Board -> Your Arduino Board
    (We have used an Arduino Uno, but you can use ANY Arduino board)

    Next we are going to select the Standard Firmata. Click on Examples -> Firmata -> Standard Firmata

    Click on Upload.

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    Step 2

    Connecting Bluetooth module and Motor Driver to Arduino

    Arduino D3 - Motor driver M1 IN1
    Arduino D4 - Motor driver M1 IN2

    Connect motor terminal to motor drivers M1 OUT
    Arduino D0 - HC05 Tx
    Arduino D1 - HC05 Rx

    Power your Arduino and Motor driver with a 9V battery.

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    Step 3

    Mounting LEGO(R) construction and Electronics onto PHIRO

    In addition to LEGO(R) connectivity on it's body, PHIRO also comes with a cool LEGO(R) accessory that can be plugged into PHIRO to fix pieces on top as well. We made a single motor powered Robotic arm using some LEGO(R) pieces. Here is a photo showing the PHIRO LEGO(R) adapter with the construction we made.

    Notice that we have used a LEGO(R) motor, however any DC motor can be used in it's place.
    All we have to do is attach this on top of PHIRO as shown below.

    Now we move onto mounting the Electronics (Arduino, Bluetooth and Motor Driver setup) on top.
    All we did was tape them down onto the LEGO(R) construction made previously. Our result looked something like this.

    Now let's see how to program using Pocket Code.