Kit progress so far

A project log for HF receive converter for RTL-SDRs and similar

Converts 0 - 30 MHz up to 50 - 80 MHz. Allows HF(shortwave) reception on RTL-SDRs and the like. A square inch project entry

Jenny ListJenny List 02/22/2016 at 08:050 Comments

This project has not seen the progress you might expect of late, as some other things have taken my attention and Chinese New Year has intervened as it always does.

My updated boards arrived from OSH Park - - and I built a second prototype. I'm writing this up somewhere else too, so a lot more tests were done.

As I've said, I'll make this available as a kit in time. Probably before summer. It's sometimes a little difficult, managing the flow of new products in a small kit business, you have to sell a certain number of kits to be able to invest in new ones and there are one or two other products in the queue. So please, everyone, buy more kits! :)

One thing I face making a kit from this is the cost of those SMA connectors. I can buy high-quality ones at a price, or I can buy cheap ones of dubious quality from your favourite Chinese online goodies bazaar. I am concerned that my connectors be of decent quality, I have seen some awful build quality masquerading as connectors and I don't want to unload that on my customers. It is definitely the case that not all SMA connectors are equal.

So watch this space, the kit *is* coming.