My openHAB Raspberry Pi Arduino XBee Led Zeppelin

HABDroid -> openHAB on Raspberry Pi -> XBee to Arduino UNO Wireless Shield -> Arduino Motor Shield -> electric motor -> mini barrel organ

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The sequence of events:

+ my finger pushes the „Led Zeppelin on/off“ switch on the HABDroid app on my smartphone
+ HABDroid sends the event over my WLAN to the openHAB runtime running on the Raspberry Pi
+ my openHAB binding receives the event, connects to the XBee USB dongle and sends „1“ (0x31)
+ my Arduino UNO receives the „1“ over the XBee receiver item on the Wireless Shield
+ my Arduino UNO sends „full speed“ to the connected electronic motor
+ the electronic motor starts and drives the barrel organ

All details and videos:

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